About Us

All great things in life start from a small idea, and our passion and inspiration for creating our unique handmade jewellery started in 2015 when travelling through my wife’s country, Philippines.

As a lifelong lover of nature and sea, we were exploring the beautiful islands that the country has to offer, when I noticed a sailor binding some ropes using a hot iron tool on the ship we were cruising.

I found it very inspiring and thought of creating something unique from sailing rope for myself, which led me to buying straight away few metres of rope and tested on the island in binding them by using a hot metal heated on the bow fire, creating one bracelet that will always remind me of the beautiful islands wherever I go.

As they say: ‘’Home is where your heart is’’

Bran Marion bracelets are loved all over the world as they are the perfect accessory for a sunny day at the beach or for a casual/smart outfit.

While visiting a school in a mountainous area in the south of the country, I understood that some students are suffering from malnourishment which also affects their ability to study.

I then had the idea of putting aside a percentage of each bracelet sold which will help fund my initiative to help the children affected.


We are still lacking reading materials, cassette tape recorders lapel, microphones, computers/tablets.

Feeding these malnourished and non-readers students is part of the ARAJEN Project (Acquiring Resources & asking assistance thru a joint effort of NGO's, Alumni, Teachers, PTA & SGC for the Reading clinic & Learning equipments of Lake Sebunian Children).


Our vision is to keep on supporting as many children as possible through the sales of our handmade jewelleries and expand in as many regions / countries as possible.

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