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Dimepiece LA

Lingerie, like any other fashion accessory, has undergone many transformations over the decades. From the agonising apodesme used in Ancient Greece to the peculiar pantalettes of the 1800’s we have seen it all. Sex experts Katie Lasson and Tatyana Dyachenko from Dimepiece LA have created a handy infographic which delves into the changing fashion trends of lingerie over the last 100 years. "What I found most interesting whilst doing the research for the infographic is the concept that lingerie should be visually appealing didn’t come into effect until the late 19th century." Katie Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile was one of the main pioneers for developing lingerie that freed women from the traditional restrictive undergarments such as corsets. The famous Flappers...

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Feeding Program 2020

Disclaimer: Feeding program credits Bran Marion clients and customers-this is not possible if not because of your support. ...As part of our "payback" "pay it forward" cause, through Bran Marion Nautical Bracelets' clients and customers, we were able to fed nearly 100 malnourished and non-readers students of LSNHS. This 2020, we are privileged to be part of the feeding program of LSNHS. This feeding is one of the school's initiative to resolve or lessen the increasing number of non-readers and the frustration level reading skill of Grade 7 enrollees. We are still lacking reading materials, cassette tape recorders lapel, microphones, computers/tablets as Bran Marion as of now is only able to support the Feeding. We would like to thank all...

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