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How to choose your size

Bran Marion bracelets come in sizes from 15 cm to 21 cm.If you need any other size, we would be more than happy to create it for of charge. :-)

For proper sizing, we recommend using a tape measure and measuring the circumference of your wrist just above the hand.

We would recommend taking the exact measurement of your wrist without considering the closing mechanism, who has around 1-1.5 cm for giving an extra comfort when wearing (not too loose not too tight)

If the size that you've ordered is wrong, you can exchage it within 30 days, with the condition that the bracelet is new, accompanied with the invoice .

Kindly note that the return expenses will be supported by customers

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Size Guide

Wrist Size (Inches)

Wrist Size (Centimetres)

5.9 15
6.3 16
6.7 17
7.1 18
7.5 19
7.9 20
8.3 21


Important note: The sizes of the BRAN MARION refer to the total length of the nautical bracelet. Please stick to the table below.

Total length BM Circumference of your wrist
XS (15 cm) 13-14 cm
S (16 cm) 14-15 cm
M (17 cm) 15-16 cm
L (18 cm) 16-17 cm
XL (19 cm) 17-18 cm
XXL (20 cm) 18-19 cm
XXXL (21 cm) 19-20 cm



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