About Us


From the great passion that we have for the sea and travels that brought us our inspiration, we set out to create our collections of nautical handmade accessories for people who share our values.

Our collections refer to like-minded people who appreciate adventure and exploring what life has to offer.
It all started in 2015 in my travels across the Philippines, when I observed one sailor in Boracay Island making himself a bracelet out of used sailing rope using a metal heated on a bow fire.
I then tried to make my bracelet which led to a passion for creating multiple different models and I have then decided to showcase it on Etsy.
We now have more than 500 models online, of which many were requested as custom bracelets by our dearest fans, which led to us adding them to our collection.
We are proud parents of 2 beautiful small princesses (Cassidy -5 yrs old and Ellie -2 yrs old), and we are a fully family-owned brand.

All creations are custom-made in our Slane studio and shipped personally.
We do not stock products and all are handmade once ordered.
Bran Marion bracelets are loved all over the world as they are the perfect accessory for a sunny day at the beach or a casual/smart outfit.

...As part of our "payback" "pay it forward" cause, through Bran Marion Nautical Bracelets' clients and customers, we were able to support our charity in the Philippines.
See more at: https://www.branmarion.com/pages/helping-needy-children-to-study